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What Sport Competitions Does Rendcomb College Offer?

Rendcomb College’s sporting activities are designed to capture the interest and enthusiasm of as many students as possible. They are also an ideal platform to take part in competitions at  boarding school boarding school, for all ages and ability levels.

Involvement in competitive sports can be highly beneficial to children and young people. Especially age-appropriate games and races that match their own particular level of ability and preferred sport.

A young person’s self-worth and confidence grow with each personal or group success. They learn the value of perseverance, good discipline and investing time in training.

Competitive sports at a top boarding school also provides them with a chance to appreciate teamwork and team spirit. With their Rendcomb College peers, they enjoy a friendly rivalry with other independent schools in the south of England.

This, in turn, can lead to acceptance of defeat, or the thrill of competitive achievement. As well as an appreciation of ‘playing by the rules’.

Not that every student at Rendcomb College takes part in competitive sports. Some prefer to aim for personal bests in various physical pursuits while others channel their leisure time into more cerebral pastimes or one of the arts for example.

However, competitive sports at boarding school are a long-standing tradition and can provide wonderful memories for our alumni.

Sports at top boarding schools

As you might expect, the most popular sports in the UK feature in PE lessons and out of classroom activities at Rendcomb College. Our students love slotting into ability appropriate teams and benefiting from the superb coaching we offer.

However, one of the advantages of a private boarding school is access to coaching in sports that state schools often don’t cover. For example, basketball, clay pigeon shooting, rugby league variant ‘Touch’ and Lacrosse.

A sports genre with a larger number of teams at Rendcomb College is hockey. We have 17 age and gender groupings for general hockey and 10 teams for hockey sevens. All enjoying a packed programme of fixtures throughout the English summer and winter hockey seasons.

Below are some other competitive sports opportunities delivered by our leading UK independent school.

Sports teams and fixtures

Cricket – As you would expect from a boarding school at the heart of the Cotswolds in rural England, cricket figures high on our sports choices.

We currently have 10 cricket teams, to create age and ability appropriate competitions. for both boys and girls of course.

Teams are helped to prepare for and attend fixtures throughout the cricket season, at our home ground and cricket pitches at other regional independent schools.

Rugby – Rendcomb College teams cover the whole spectrum including Rugby Sevens (two teams), Rugby Union (seven teams) and Touch (one team).

Competition between Rendcomb College and rival independent schools in the region is fierce. However, it is also the source of wonderful camaraderie between all players in all teams; as well as colourful anecdotes from former students!

The standard of rugby coaching and officiating at cross-school competitions is high.

Football – There are eight ‘soccer’ teams at Rendcomb College, providing a chance for both boys and girls to compete throughout the football season in the UK.

Football tends to be one of the many sports that often occurs ‘naturally’ in our extensive grounds too, as groups of friends gather for a ‘kick around’ during relaxation time.

Netball – Our four netball team are all provided with chances to take part in competitions with other independent schools. In common with other team sports, the older students enjoy a busy programme of challenging tournaments.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – This is one of the sporting activities only found at boarding school, generally. It's an activity anyone can try during their time with us, just for fun. However, our team take their training and competitions seriously, in pursuit of more items for our trophy cabinets.

Athletics – track and field events, including ever-popular cross-country competitions, are held throughout the year at Rendcomb College. We have a rich tradition for achievement in various athletic endeavours. It’s the perfect way for students to set goals for both competitions and personal bests (PBs).

The value of competitive sports at boarding school

Not all competitive sports opportunities at boarding school take place in our own well-designed sports hall and playing fields. For example, Rendcomb College supports the equestrian pursuits at external venues, enabling students to attend competitions of various kinds.

What is not so obvious in our promotion of competitive sports at boarding school, is the ‘spin-off’ benefits. We often find that students who are challenged within team sports become more readily accepting and open to vibrant learning environments and peer study support.

In other words, everyone is a winner, no matter what level or type of sports they get involved with!