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The environment and recent visits to the Forest School

An educator’s responsibility to help future generations explore their guardianship of our planet has never been more fully understood. Fortunately, role models – especially Greta Thunberg – show young people that their voice matters.

Rendcomb College strives hard to be a sustainable independent school and to equip its students with the knowledge they need to make their own contributions to environmental issues. For us though, it goes much deeper.

We feel part of our role as a developer of future leaders, professionals, scientists, technicians and teachers is to instil in them an appreciation of the natural world. We give students a chance to get 'up close and personal’ to the natural world and grow their ability to explore and value it.

Being outside builds awareness, and learning ability

Rendcomb College has an active commitment to providing residential and day students with access to nature – especially the stunning Cotswold scenery around this independent school. We arrange visits to the wonderful array of superb beauty spots and heritage sites to be found in this area.

Rendcomb College is fortunate to be able to offer a wealth of outdoor activities in our own extensive and well-maintained grounds too; including simple childhood fun with friends in the fresh air!

The importance we place on this is not simply to show young people how important the natural environment is. Being outdoors and among nature has been shown to have a positive learning impact. Which is why Rendcomb College encourages students to take full advantage of the biggest classroom in existence – the great outdoors!

(The fact that our young people are filling their lungs with fresh air while they learn is a bonus too. We all know how important that is for health and wellbeing!)

Visits to the Forest School

The perfect example of our policy of providing students with as much outdoor learning and adventure as possible is our visits to The Forest School.

Both junior and senior pupils at Rendcomb College have opportunities to benefit from the curriculum-supported outdoor education, lifelong learning and life skill opportunities provided by The Forest School.

This superb 230-acre site is in the ‘wilderness’ of the Cotswolds. It’s the ideal place for young people to develop greater curiosity about nature, to experiment and explore safely. They conduct carefully supported challenges and take controlled risks, which also build their confidence – in themselves and the natural world.

Almost without realising it, Rendcomb College students learn age-appropriate numeracy, literacy and science skills at the Forest School.

Senior pupils use their experiences there to contribute to their Duke of Edinburgh Award, as it is an excellent backdrop to work on leadership, orienteering and survival skills, for example.

All ages develop new social and physical skills by their team endeavours at The Forest School, including improved coordination and balance.

Interaction with nature develops hearts and minds

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking trips to The Forest School is something harder to label. It’s the enjoyment factor, the smiles and laughter and the sense of achievement our young people feel.

This runs alongside the new awareness they have for all that nature provides. Having this level of understanding and appreciation could well be a lifelong value and it is likely to make them far better custodians of our planet.

Being proactive and committed to this important issue shows succinctly how Rendcomb College fulfils its role as an educator, a ‘corporate parent’ and a caring and nurturing organisation.

What we invest in our pupils’ hearts and minds goes well beyond academic excellence.