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Jack Gower

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sports Taught:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Personal Training


  • Level 1 Football Coach
  • Level 3 Tennis Coach
  • Level 2 Personal Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Kettlebell and Circuit Training Coach

Past Experience

  • Independent Tennis Coach
  • Personal Trainer

What made you want to coach sports? 
As I progressed through school I developed a passion for fitness alongside my love for tennis. At a young age I knew I wanted to make tennis a part of my career and followed this into becoming a Tennis Coach. Seeing individuals develop from beginners into advanced competitors gave me real joy. Following on from tennis I decided to qualify as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to help people develop themselves in a different way.

No matter whether it be in a gym or on a court, seeing people improve and better themselves has always been a motivating factor for me.

What are your goals as a sports coach?                                      
My goal as a coach is to help people realise that regardless of age or ability you can always look to learn something new or improve. Having coached tennis to adults and children I have always encouraged anyone to pick up a racket or try their hand at something new. Who knows you might just be a natural at it!

Helping people improve at their own pace is also a message I like to give to people. Sport and fitness is not necessarily about hitting these big targets but more about the small victories and improving at a pace that is suited to the individual and their ability while trying not to compare themselves to others. Getting this message across has always been a goal of mine.

What are your highlights as a sports coach?                                                       
Seeing people hit their goals is always a highlight. Seeing people hit their targets and helping them from start to finish is incredibly rewarding no matter how big or small the challenge may be.

Who is your favourite sports personality and why?
Rodger Federer

As a sportsman it is hard to find someone as iconic in their sport as Roger Federer. Over his time playing tennis he has amassed 20 grand slam titles and shown great respect to every opponent he has faced on his way to the top. He is a great ambassador for the sport of tennis and is a prime example of how every sporting competitor should act on and off the court.

He is a tremendous role model for all those that aspire to do well in sport.