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Tudor Experience for Year 4 Pupils

On Thursday, 6 June Year 4 visited Gloucester Cathedral as part of their Tudor topic.

The pupils experienced workshops about the Tudor Kings and Queens and about how the monks used to live in the Abbey. They were also given the opportunity to wear traditional monk dress and engage in an interactive tour of the magnificent Cathedral.

The tour led them through to the cellar which is home to the scriptorium where the monks would do their writing, and the lavetorium where the monks would bathe. The cellar tour ended in the tomb of Edward II which was an important factor in the stopping of Henry VIII from destroying the Abbey.

The children were also able to dress up in traditional Tudor clothes and complete activities such as writing with quills and making brass rubbings.

Year 4 Form Tutor, Penny Morrow-Brown, who accompanied the children on the trip, said: “We had a fantastic day and the children loved bringing their Tudor topic to life in such an immersive way.”