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Olivia receives a letter from The Queen

Reception pupil, Olivia, has received a letter from the Queen in response to a drawing and a letter she sent. 

5-year-old Olivia, who is in Rendcomb College Junior School's Reception Class, decided to draw a picture of two silver candle sticks surrounded by flowers for the Queen. She then decided she would like to write a letter, in her own handwriting, and put it in the post. To Olivia's delight, she received an official reply from Windsor Castle shortly after.

Olivia's mother said: "She spent a long time writing her letter and I'm delighted that she has received a reply!"

Enclosed with the letter were some leaflets about Windsor Castle and the Royal Family. 

The letter says:

Dear Olivia, 

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter and splendid picture. 

Her Majesty was pleased to hear from you and, although unable to reply to you personally, The Queen greatly appreciated the care you have taken to create this picture especially for her. 

I enclose some information leaflets which I hope you will enjoy, and thank you very much once again for writing as you did.

Yours sincerely,
Richenda Elton