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India School Children Talk

Reception to Year 6 pupils welcomed the El Shaddai Charitable Trust to school last week. The chaity talked about the work they do to help the street children of India.

The Junior School listened to the engaging talk from the Charity’s co-founder Anita Edgar, who spoke about her experiences, how she ended up setting up the charity and how it has grown to help more than 4000 children to date.

Anita was delighted with the response from the pupils and said:“The children have been amazing. This is definitely the most responsive school I have been to.”

The Charity provides food, clothing, shelter and education to hundreds of children found in the slums of India each year, setting up residential homes, day care centres, community centres and schools across the country. They also provide sporting facilities and have more than 400 children enrolled at their football and cricket academies.


Anita led a question and answer session after her talk and many pupils wanted to find out more. Some pupils also said they would like to visit one of the centres and volunteer in the future.

To find out more about the work the El Shaddai Charitable Trust do to aid the poverty stricken children of India, visit: