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  • Register to attend our next Open Event at Rendcomb College.

    Published 04/01/21

    Register to attend our next Open Event at Rendcomb College.

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  • Thoughtful, Adventurous, and Ambitious: Rendcomb College Students Excel

    Published 21/09/23

    A big well done to all the Rendcomb College students who received fantastic awards at the assembly last week.

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  • Outstanding GCSE results for Rendcomb College

    Published 24/08/23


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  • Rendcomb College A-Level Success

    Published 17/08/23


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  • One Day Film School at Rendcomb College

    Published 07/08/23

    Rendcomb College Years 7 to 11 put their filmmaking skills to the test on 3rd July with the fantastic One Day Film School.

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  • Incredible Experience at the England Hockey TA Festival

    Published 03/08/23

    Talented Rendcomb College pupil, Arwen, had an incredible time at the England Hockey Talent Academy Festival, mixing with the finest hockey talent across the UK. There were over 800 young students at the festival this year.

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  • Rendcombs Rising Star

    Published 05/06/23

    We're so excited to introduce you to Maia, a talented singer and songwriter from Rendcomb College!

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  • Maya - Gymnastics Champ!

    Published 25/04/23

    Congratulations from Rendcomb College to Maya, a student who recently won 3 medals at her interclub gymnastics competition!

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  • Lacrosse: European Selection For Rendcomb College Pupil

    Published 27/03/23

    We would like to extend our congratulations to Vittoria, who was recently selected by the Italian national Lacrosse team to play at the Lacrosse European Championships this summer!

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  • Centenary Scholars Success: Their Journey to University

    Published 23/02/23

    Rendcomb College would like to offer congratulations to Emilia, Molly, and Jacob, who have all been accepted to prestigious universities. Emilia and Molly to study Law, and Jacob to study Medicine.

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  • UK Sixth Form: A Guide to Private Sixth Forms

    Published 15/02/23

    The path that students follow after their GCSEs can take many different avenues. From going straight into the working world, taking on an apprenticeship or continuing their learning by enrolling at a College or Sixth Form, there are plenty of options available. Sixth Form in particular is an excellent choice if a student is looking to broaden their horizons with further education.

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  • 5 Essential Life Skills You Learn at Boarding School

    Published 15/02/23

    From childhood all the way through to adulthood there are moments when you take away different lessons. For some, their years at Boarding School can evoke a number of different skills and attributes that they’ll be thankful for later in life or in their future careers. Being surrounded by like-minded people who are in a similar situation, you take on new experiences and qualities that build pupils into well-rounded citizens. Passed down from teachers, house parents, and shared with fellow students, these attributes will put you in good stead for years to come.

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