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Learning Development

At Rendcomb we pride ourselves on excellent academic and pastoral support, tailored to the individual needs of each pupil. Sometimes this means that extra support is necessary outside the classroom, where pupils can identify areas which challenge, allowing more time for consolidation and bespoke teaching.

Be it extra Shakespeare, simplifying fractions, or developing a knowledge of the latest assistive technology, Learning Development provides opportunities for thinking outside the box, in order for each individual to reach their potential.

Rendcomb's  Learning Development is  provided by three specialist teachers qualified to Masters Level, who are able to diagnostically assess students for learning differences.  There is also a specific SEN support Teaching Assistant within the Junior School, who offers group and individual intervention.

We have been lucky enough to be part of an exciting adventure, building a new centre for active learning with the latest technology, large monitor screens, Microsoft platform and iPads.  The Learning Development Centre,  as of 2021 is now housed in the welcoming home of the Old Rectory, (once house parents' accommodation). There are three classrooms, an office, a large kitchen, creative arts area and self-contained garden. The grandeur of the Old Rectory, has been combined with modern, muted colour schemes, soft lighting and a comfortable study area, ideally situated, within the centre of the 230 acre campus.

Support is available to all students who have been identified with specific learning differences. Pupils are screened by our ‘in house’ qualified assessors in Y2, Y7 and or when they start their learning journey at Rendcomb, to ensure that there is early identification of needs.

Following assessment and review, pupils with specific needs are placed on the SEN register. Teachers have access to the online register and all pupils on the register have their own ‘profile’ informing teachers of their needs. Should further intervention be necessary, pupils may begin having 1:1 support, outside the classroom. Pupils often drop a second language and have their lessons in place of a second language. Pupils are then given a ‘My Plan’ or ‘My Plan Plus’. ‘My Plan’ and ‘My Plan Plus’ are shared with teachers throughout the Junior and Senior School with targets created through close liaison between the Mathematics, English and Science Departments. The specialist teachers visit lessons and support both teachers and pupils.



Assistive Technology and Learning

Students are supported in their learning in Mathematics, English, Study Skills and the use of assistive technology. These subjects form part of the lessons provided on a 1:1 basis. The department relies on the latest technology using iPads, Surface pros and the Microsoft Platform to provide shared learning environments, in order for pupils to achieve. Pupils are taught how to be independent by using speech-to-text technology and apps recommended for dyslexic learners. Reading pens are also available for those who wish to work on paper.

Examination Arrangements

Pupils are assessed within the department, by our qualified assessors (specialist teachers) for Access Arrangements in public exams. Arrangements are regularly reviewed, so that the pupils are able to achieve their best at GCSE and A level. Pupils may be offered extra time, a reader, the use of assistive technology and a scribe, depending on their needs.


As with many pupils with learning differences, self-esteem and self-belief are a key factor in helping them to achieve. The department works very closely with the Head of Welfare, Pastoral Deputy Head, Medical Centre and School Listener to ensure that a comprehensive programme of ‘Emotional Literacy’ and mental health intervention can be offered when necessary. Our specialist teachers are also qualified in offering support for social, emotional and mental health needs.

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