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Maya - Gymnastics Champ!

Congratulations from Rendcomb College to Maya, a student who recently won 3 medals at her interclub gymnastics competition!

Rendcomb College is proud to report that Maya did wonderfully in her competition achieving a Gold in Floor, a Bronze in Trampette, and a Silver in the Overall Group Champion category.
Previously Maya has also won 2 Gold Medals at her club’s internal competition.

Maya was first inspired by gymnastics from watching competitions such as the Olympics, and has been watching gymnastics since she was just 1 year old! Maya recalls how she enjoyed watching Simone Biles compete, and this combined with watching other gymnastics series motivated her to start training.

At just 12 years old, Maya’s accomplishments are very impressive, and we look forward to seeing her at the Olympics in the future!

Maya’s best advice: “Keep trying and don't give up even if people say you cannot do it.”


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