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Life After Rendcomb - Choosing a University or Career Path

At Rendcomb College we are confident that the educational journey we provide gives our students the best preparation for life after college.

Whether pupils are looking to further their studies with UK higher education, carry out an apprenticeship or take their own unique path with a gap year, we have all the guidance and advice available at their disposal. It can be an anxious time for both students and parents alike. Choosing between a university closer to home or further away, a course that is most suitable to their future career or perhaps looking at options overseas, it’s a good idea to think about it nice and early. Throughout Year 12 and 13 our highly experienced teachers and advisors are on hand for every question and query.


We begin the process in Year 12 where students take part in a weekly career lesson using the platform Unifrog. This provides the opportunity to research a range of courses and apprenticeships from universities and colleges across the UK, as well as looking at post-18 pathways in the US and Europe. It also provides dedicated time for pupils to build up their portfolios and record their activities and competencies with different attributes and experiences to boost their application further. Work experience is a great way to gain valuable insights into their chosen career industry and build up their CV.


In the final week of the Summer Term Rendcomb College hosts a ‘Moving On’ week. Before moving onto their final school year where the tempo certainly increases, this week features a number of enriching sessions which include:


-       A university open day visit

-       Leadership and employability workshops

-       Interview practice

-       A community action project

-       A personal statement workshop

-       Sessions on applying to university

-       Choosing apprenticeships and gap years


At the end of the week registrations will have been made to UCAS and students begin working on their personal statements - putting them in a great position to get a head start with applications.


When looking at UK universities it’s important to think about location, reputation and what overall university life is like. Choosing a university course can also be a difficult decision, so take time to assess what you enjoy and what career path you find appealing - you wouldn’t do a photography degree if you wanted to be a doctor. Take time to look at university rankings and how your chosen course fares in the league tables, what the course contents entails, what are the entry requirements and how it will be of benefit to your career. On top of the course and university accolades, look to see what different universities offer with extracurricular activities. Check out the student’s union, their social media and the university website for a better insight. Word of mouth is also great if you have friends or family that can provide recommendations.


Another alternative is apprenticeships. A chance to go straight into a job 80% of the time and the other 20% is spent studying. The great benefit is that your fees are covered by your employer and there are a huge variety of apprenticeships on offer to suit you and get straight into the working environment. A third option is a gap year. Regarded by many students as a time to explore and potentially travel whilst they are considering their next step in their career. All options are completely individual to each student.


In Year 13 it’s time to submit the UCAS application and we will help guide that process at every point. When offers start to come in we will advise on how to make the best decision for you. Plus, there are aspects such as the student loan and tuition fees to factor in - after all post-18 life is a time of independence and we’ll assist about how to budget. One of the most nerve-wracking times is results day. The Sixth Form team is always there to answer any questions on the day and provide any last-minute decision-making assistance.


Life after Rendcomb can feel like a crossroads of what direction to take next but we guarantee to support your decision the best way possible.