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5 Essential Life Skills You Learn at Boarding School

From childhood all the way through to adulthood there are moments when you take away different lessons. For some, their years at Boarding School can evoke a number of different skills and attributes that they’ll be thankful for later in life or in their future careers. Being surrounded by like-minded people who are in a similar situation, you take on new experiences and qualities that build pupils into well-rounded citizens. Passed down from teachers, house parents, and shared with fellow students, these attributes will put you in good stead for years to come.

Independence and Responsibility

Boarding schools offer younger students an opportunity to experience a level of responsibility and independence that may not be available to those who remain at home until university. Whilst some children are used to their parents taking on household chores and being able to help with homework, Boarding School students are used to taking on these tasks in a different capacity. They’ve had to grow up faster than some of their peers as they need to take care of their lives and actions on a more independent level. From preparing or attending dinner service, studying, doing chores, socialising and looking after their own well-being, and in some cases their finances too.

Work Ethic and Resilience

Boarding Schools are renowned for having academic excellence and impressive exam results, thanks to the quality of teaching staff and also pupils sharing the same drive and determination. By working to set deadlines and high standards students gain a great work ethic that is shared and encouraged by their peers, and they are able to carry out studies and revision together. The work ethic that is built is one that will stay with them throughout the rest of their educational life and into their careers. Meanwhile, resilience comes into force when pupils face a number of challenges and break down barriers to succeed and overcome issues.


Being confident isn’t something that we’re born with, it’s built up over time due to different experiences and social situations. Whether that’s being brave to go for the lead in a play, reading out a passage of text in class or building bonds and friendships with a new peer group. Boarding School provides a safe and supportive space for pupils to come out of their shell and feel that their voice is being heard. This confidence certainly shines when applying for University or future jobs as you’re able to propel yourself in an eloquent way and with clarity.

Teamwork and Community

When studying and living on-site at a Boarding School, you build a real community with fellow boarders and students. You become each others’ family during the term, sharing the good times and challenging times together. Whether that’s when you’re feeling a little homesick, which is only natural at Boarding School, or those opportunities to work on great projects or be part of a sports team. Teamwork is a particular thread that runs throughout schools across the board, but this is certainly amplified when living together too. You build bonds and important networks which you’ll be thankful for in your adult life. It also puts you in good stead for University where the experience of living in halls of residence, cooking, living, studying and socialising together will be similar.

Tolerance and Diversity

Boarding Schools have an open-door policy for pupils from different parts of the UK and overseas. This means that there will be a diverse range of students from across the world with varying accents, cultures and language skills that will broaden fellow students’ horizons and give them a taste of international experiences. Pupils are able to be appreciative of others’ backgrounds to share their Boarding School lives in a way that is harmonious and respectful.

Why Study at Rendcomb College

Rendcomb College provides excellent Boarding School facilities for pupils over 11 years of age in a thriving environment nestled in the heart of Gloucestershire. Our leading facilities, teaching standards and quality of living make us a renowned choice for students enrolling from across the UK and also internationally. Our esteemed range of courses and co-curricular activities make us one of the leading Boarding Schools in the UK with an outstanding reputation.