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How Boarding Schools Nurture Talent and Skills

Historically, boarding schools in the UK have often been given a hard time and have earned an unjustified reputation for both strictness and elitism.

The boarding schools of today, however, are a far cry from the antiquated image of severe schoolmasters and cold porridge for breakfast.

Boarding schools like Rendcomb are now more democratic and open to all than ever before and are a fantastic, supportive place for children to express themselves, expand their minds and grow in confidence.

A creative space for all

Boarding schools today aim to cultivate creativity, allowing their pupils to explore the world from every angle. Smaller class sizes mean each pupil is given the time and space they need to find their hidden talents and expand their minds, wherever their academic strengths lie.

The vast majority of boarding schools are working hard to shed the stereotype of elitism and go out of their way to see they take in pupils from diverse backgrounds.

This diversity is all part of expanding their students’ horizons and giving them a much more global outlook, as they become more socially aware and appreciative of difference.

Hard work and success

Boarding schools also teach their pupils the value of hard work and show them that success in life requires willpower and isn’t simply handed to them on a plate. With a lower teacher to student ratio, pupils get all the time they need to really dedicate themselves to their studies and excel.

They also instil confidence, self-belief and incredible social skills, turning out graduates who are more than prepared for the big transition from secondary education to university and the world of work.

By living and working so closely alongside their fellow students, boarding school graduates often develop lifelong friendships and leave secondary education with a much more advanced sense of independence.

Breaking the stereotypes

The boarding schools of today are working hard to shed labels such as ‘snobbish’ or ‘elitist’, and are a far cry from the old-fashioned or outdated image they’re often given by the media. Today’s boarding schools are, in fact, places of inclusivity, creativity and freedom.

They give the students fortunate enough to attend them, one of the most supportive and enjoyable of learning environments, instilling in them a lifelong love of learning.

They are, arguably, even more, relevant now than they have been in previous decades, as they give their students a much wider curriculum and all the skills they need to succeed in life.

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