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Home from Home (and more) at Rendcomb College

The nurturing and positive environment of modern residential education is a world away from the stereotypical fictional representation of life at boarding school.

In fact, much has changed in the past decade. Which means even adults who have benefited from going “away to school” could well be pleasantly surprised at the improvements made to out of classroom care provision.

This is not just about making living accommodation “homely”, but also subtle developments to give young boarders many opportunities to “live their best life” while at boarding school.

A nurturing home away from home

Rendcomb College has worked hard to create the sort of facilities, boarding accommodation, outdoor areas, catering and staff skills that can make each individual student feel welcome and important.

This includes offering superb food, which can match the tastes, preferences and allergy needs of even the most demanding of appetites!

Of course, students are encouraged to bring personal belongings from home too and can make their temporary home special to them.

However, it could be safely argued that in some respects, Rendcomb offers them a second home environment with added benefits!

A home where friendship and fun are always on offer

That’s because resident students at Rendcomb have little opportunity for boredom or for using addictive electrical devices as their constant form of social interaction!

Let’s be honest here, parents. No matter how loving and supporting you are, young people will naturally gravitate to each other, and the hobbies and interests that are currently “on trend”!

The ability to provide a “second home” environment that offers diversion (and positive alternatives to less savoury pursuits) is viewed as a godsend by many of our mothers and fathers.

Your precious son or daughter would have their own living space, and constant access to friends and “healthy” pursuits, with 24-hour care and professional support while they enjoy their free time.

In other words, Rendcomb provides comfortable and personal living space for its resident students, but with all the appeal and fun of a well organised “activity holiday”.

Around the clock care from warm professionals

The way Rendcomb engages and supports its young people may be attractive to them, but of course, they love to go home to their families whenever possible too. Holidays and family weekends are precious and important, but if you’re a working parent (or couple) it would be difficult to sustain that level of active involvement with your child or young person year-round.

When boarders return to their second home at Rendcomb College, working parents can be assured that students receive a level of support that could even be described as having “second parents”.

Students who reside at Rendcomb College are under the watchful eye of house parents who are recruited for their “relatability” and warmth, as much as their expertise in safeguarding and care.

Age specific homes and activities

One of the ways this joyous and supportive environment is provided by Rendcomb College is by ensuring that boarders are housed in residencies that are “age-specific”.

Three separate homes accommodate different year groups, enabling boarders to continue the friendships formed in classrooms into their leisure time.

Each senior house has personnel trained to provide the level of support that helps that particular age group to thrive. Each house also offers a programme of activities that are age-appropriate for social interaction, but which also includes opportunities to develop the personal interests and skills of each resident. 

In the younger age groups, boarders share well-designed bedroom facilities with two or three friends. The Sixth Form residential school accommodation offers older students private rooms, which they can personalise and use to protect their privacy.

Making childhood and youth the best of times

Rendcomb College could never replace the love of parents and pleasures of a family home. However, it can (and does) ensure that boarders feel “at home” when in residence. It also provides them with a living environment focused on creating wonderful memories, with great friends, all of which will stay with them for a long time.