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Senior School & Sixth Form

Maths and Further Maths

Maths is compulsory for Senior School pupils to GCSE level with Maths and Further Maths being offered at A Level. 

The Maths department at Rendcomb College teaches pupils to recognise the importance of maths in their own lives and in society. It also enables pupils to develop knowledge, skills and an understanding of mathematical methods and concepts while developing their problem solving abilities. The department teaches pupils to select and apply mathematical techniques and methods in everyday and real-world situations.

Pupils study the following at GCSE level:

  • NUMBER and ALGEBRA - working with numbers and the number system; fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio and proportion; the language of algebra; expressions and equations; sequences functions and graphs
  • STATISTICS and PROBABILITY - data collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation; probability
  • GEOMETRY and MEASURES - properties of angles and shapes; geometrical reasoning and calculation; measures and construction; area and volume; vectors.

A Level Maths

The modern world needs mathematicians for the continued development of our increasingly technological lives in, for example, the areas of finance, communication, science and transportation. Employers value skills of analysis, logic and problem solving that the study of Mathematics develops.

Maths A Level is essential for those looking to study Mathematics based degree courses, Physics and Engineering. Other subjects such as Architecture
and Medicine have a significant mathematical content where a Maths A Level qualification would be advantageous. Maths A Level will also provide support for the mathematical content encountered in Science, Geography and Economics A Levels.

Why Study Further Maths?

For a pupil who really enjoys Maths, Further Maths provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and more sophisticated concepts and applications such as matrices and complex numbers that are important for many STEM degrees. It will distinguish you as an able mathematician in university applications and future employment.