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Senior School & Sixth Form


History is the study of the past, which encourages us to ask questions about who came before us and why they behaved as they did. It also provides lessons for the future: how people might react when events today reflect those in the past. Furthermore, History helps us understand how the world got to be the way it is, and where it might go in the future. In this way, by studying History we might enrich our understanding of art, culture and language.

Studying History is about much more than factual detail and events, but develops a series of important transferable skills that are highly prized by employers and useful for ordinary life. In the study of History you are encouraged to think critically about information; analyse and evaluate; develop and communicate opinions and arguments.

Studying History at Rendcomb College provides an excellent understanding of the subject across all periods, covering everything from the Middle Ages to 2007. Pupils take History lessons from Year 7 and may choose to continue to GCSE and A Level standard. At Key Stage 4, pupils cover 20th Century World History through the IGCSE which includes studying World War I and International Relations from 1919-1989. The A Level course focuses on Germany 1871-1991 and Britain 1951-2007.

History lessons harness a wide range of resources and teaching activities to help pupils to develop their understanding and skills. They are further supported by extra-curricular clubs and trips: GCSE and A Level pupils take trips to Berlin to underpin their studies, year 9 pupils visit the Black Country Living History Museum and Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to visit the battlefields of World War I.