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Senior School & Sixth Form


The world we live in is changing. Geography allows you to see why and how it is changing. Geographers study the interaction between people and the places they inhabit.  As such it is a relevant and flexible subject which integrates well with a variety of other subject areas. It widens, rather than narrows career opportunities because of the research, analysis, interpretation and communication skills which are integral to the subject.

All staff in the department are highly experienced Geography Specialists who have experience of examining the subject at GCSE and A’ Level. Our aim is to develop inquisitive students who are interested in the world around them as well as their local area and to help extend their learning of Geography through class-based as well as independent exploration. In order to achieve this, the department adopts a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies to ensure all students find the content relevant and meaningful, drawing on the latest textbooks, ICT resources, including GIS and fieldwork equipment to help do this.

The Geography Department is located within stable block directly below the School’s main ICT room, which we use frequently. The department also houses a collection of books and magazines in addition to those held by the library. It also boasts an extensive collection of fieldwork equipment.

The department has a high number of students opting to take the subject at both GCSE and A Level.

We place a strong emphasis on fieldwork, especially as the school is lucky to boast its own lake, river and extensive woodland and deer park; all of which is regularly used. In addition to this, each year group has at least one day off-site each year. In doing so there is a strong emphasis on teaching fieldwork skills in addition to theory. Every year, Sixth Form have a residential trip, the location of which changes depending on the modules being studied and the focus the student’s individual fieldwork projects. For example, we recently returned from studying coastal erosion and management on the West Somerset coast.

We also offer a number of overseas field trips and in the past four years we have travelled to Iceland, Morocco and Everest Base Camp in Nepal. More recently, the Geography department in conjunction with the Science and Spanish departments travelled to Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. As well as trekking in some of the world’s most stunning scenery, it gave the students the opportunity to observe at very close quarters, the Perito Mereno Glacier, which is one of the fastest calving glaciers in the World.