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Senior School & Sixth Form

Gifted and Talented Provision

Here at Rendcomb College we recognise the need to meet the educational requirements of all pupils, regardless of their circumstances or ability level. We take a holistic approach, ensuring an individual’s educational needs are met inside the classroom at a subject level, on the sports pitch, in the performance studio and outside the classroom. The intent is to enrich pupil's academic experience and challenge the ablest to extend their education beyond the curriculum.

To ensure that pupil's get the very best out of their time at Rendcomb College, we offer a Gifted and Talented programme to those pupils who demonstrate levels of performance at the higher end of the national attainment level for their cohort. 

To ensure that we don't just focus on academic attainment, we ensure that we delineate between the two factors; those that are Gifted and those that are Talented, rather than a coverall approach.

Every year we run two groups to support those pupils who meet the criteria. These are split into those in Years 7-10 and Years 11-13.

Each year the groups are named after a person of note, with 2021 being no exception. Suffolk group, named after Jonathan Suffolk the Technical Director of the National Theatre, and Bitner Glindziczs (BG's) named after Maria Bitner Glindziczs a pioneering geneticist; both of whom are ex pupils of Rendcomb College.

The groups cover a vast array of topics outside of normal lesson time,  meeting for 50 minutes each week. 

For Years 7-10 topics previous topics have included:

  • Marketing
  • Introducing Greek and Latin
  • Critical thinking
  • Bioethics debating
  • Independent Learning Project
  • Critical literature review
  • Leadership
  • Competitions

For Years 11-13 previous  topics have included:

  • Theory of knowledge - key ways to obtain, analyse and disseminate knowledge
  • Debating on critical issues including:
    • Current controversies
    • Political decisions
    • Economics
    • Environmental factors
  • Classics, Greek and Roman studies and Latin