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The Top 5 Benefits of Going to a Boarding School

Launching children into adulthood is not simply a matter of making sure they benefit from the best possible education; though that is important.

It is also vital to provide the sort of environment - and support systems - that promote good mental health and life skills too, building resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence.

Doing this in the face of distractions from electronic gadgets and phones can be a challenge, particularly when both parents work.

Yet the answer could be relatively simple. Providing an environment in which children and young people are engaged, active and interested, is just one of many advantages of attending a boarding school.

Let’s look at that in more detail and explore other benefits of going to a boarding school.

1. A first-class education

Some less obvious positive influences of boarding schools are outlined later in this article. However, for many parents and young people, the primary advantage is the offer of a first-class education. This will also be an education that is highly individualised, matching the needs and abilities of each student.

Boarding schools with the right credentials offer access to well-motivated, high-calibre teaching professionals. Also, it is far less likely that students will be marginalised, overlooked or poorly supported, as they are educated in smaller class groups. All of this is reinforced by the fact that teaching staff in boarding schools make themselves available for extra study, coaching and mentoring when needed.

This personalised education and the “community approach” to learning are undoubtedly why graduates of boarding schools do so well in later life. They are more likely to achieve advanced degrees and enjoy faster career advancement than their peers (according to studies by The Association of Boarding Schools in the US).

2. Developing life skills and their own natural abilities

The word “community” is significant in other ways too. In the company of other young people and well-trained staff, boarding school students have around-the-clock opportunities to foster their important life skills, as well as their own individual interests and hobbies.

For example, to help develop “soft skills”, Rendcomb College offers a varied and versatile programme of activities outside the classroom. This includes trips and hobby options, as well as opportunities to participate in sports.

Away from the temptations of staring mindlessly at computer screens and phones (and hanging around on street corners) children at junior boarding school grow their curiosity in a healthy way. They challenge themselves and learn the value of working towards clear goals – whether it’s improving their running speed, cooking fine foods or becoming a strategy board game superstar!

3. Making friendships and developing social skills

This personal development is important, but another one of the benefits of going to a boarding school is the social skills they nurture.

Many top boarding schools attract pupils from across the UK and overseas. In this diverse, close-knit and caring school community, students learn unrivalled levels of understanding and co-operation.

It’s why pupils at Rendcomb College are often to be found socialising and having fun together outside the classroom. This includes trips home together at weekends. Though it's important to note that students at boarding schools often maintain good connections to existing friends too.

This wonderfully nurturing and supportive environment for young people is often the main reason parents choose this path for their children. In many cases, young people reach greater heights in their education due to the motivation and support provided by their peers at boarding schools.

4. Bringing value to family life, and a “family feel” to education

In all honesty, one of the benefits of children going to boarding school is that it relieves the pressure on parents who face heavy work commitments, or who have younger children or children with additional needs to care for.

Knowing your child or young person is being nurtured and well-educated can be a huge relief to parents. The time spent together at weekends or in the school holidays can then become true “quality time”.

It’s enormously reassuring though, to know that students residing in boarding school are not completely divorced from a “family” atmosphere.

This is something Rendcomb College takes very seriously. The aim is always to keep students comfortable and content in their daily life. For this reason, Houseparents provide an authentically empathetic and fun atmosphere. In fact, all members of the Rendcomb College staff team see the students as an extension of their own family – including the friendly and helpful cleaners!

5. The next step, for your child

A happy, fulfilled and well-stimulated child – equipped to reach their full potential in adulthood - is what every parent wants.

If you would like to discuss this further, in relation to your child reaping the benefits of going to boarding school, don’t hesitate to contact Rendcomb College for an informal chat, or take a look at our Admissions Page

Alternatively, book to come and visit Rendcomb College on one of our fabulous open mornings