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10 ways to get the most out of an independent school

One of the abiding myths attached to attending private day or boarding school is that it’s largely for gifted and academic young people.

This is certainly not the case at Rendcomb College, which offers diverse and inclusive opportunities for all students to find their ‘best selves’. Each student is helped to reach their full potential not just in exams, but in life!

The outdated elitist concept of private schooling is also linked to the over-emphasis on ‘league tables’. Are educational achievements higher in the state or independent sector? They are often equitable!

In a nutshell, we offer young people a wealth of opportunities for personal enrichment, and a happy, stable learning environment. We grow hearts and minds, not just academic grades!

Independent schools are autonomous seats of learning, with high calibre boards and management teams who make responsive decisions according to the needs of their current student population.

Rendcomb College’s educational and care provision – including our attentive and nurturing staff – can be moulded to the needs of your son or daughter. They will never be pigeonholed or overlooked!

Here are ten ways that students can gain the most from this highly fertile environment.

Advance academically

Individualised learning support can help students to expand their curriculum abilities. This is not just about achieving high grades. It’s about achieving better grades than they would reach, in a less personalised education setting. It's also about carrying learning with them rather than passing exams.

It is often ‘average’ students who get most overlooked, but small class groups at private schools are one reason that this pitfall is avoided.

Learn new skills

An authentically rich education should include non-traditional topics as well as core subjects. Attending an independent school means having options to learn new skills, and freedom to explore new hobbies and interests.

Take a look at our ever-growing list of extra curriculum activities to see some of the possibilities for students to expand their horizons.

Develop an appreciation of the arts

Many state schools are currently playing ‘catch-up’ after Arts funding cuts left them with serious deficits in education provision. Rendcomb College invests in Arts tuition, equipment and performance opportunities without fail. We understand how beneficial this is to stimulate young minds and imaginations.

Use fabulous facilities

Equally, investment in the physical learning environment at Rendcomb College continues without interruption or influence.

Attending independent school means having all the equipment and materials you need readily available, alongside well-stocked libraries and advanced tech. Sports equipment and other items are constantly updated too.

See the world!

As a boarder or day pupil in private education, students have opportunities to see more of their world than in state schools. This is not just in terms of international trips, but the wonders of what is on their own doorstep!

The perfect illustration is our Forest School trips, enabling students to get ‘up close and personal’ with the natural environment and explore the sustainability agenda.

Grow a warm, inclusive social network

This can be a big advantage of boarding school! You’re constantly around like-minded young people, with the facilities and support for communal fun.

Forget all the tales of isolated teenagers glued to gadgets. You will have a long list of great things to do with your friends, in your free time.

Additional academic support as standard

Being around other people your own age in the evenings brings another important opportunity to grab hold of. It's amazing how much easier homework is with 'study-buddies' and general peer support.

The encouragement of other students runs alongside the additional mentoring and teaching assistance provided by Rendcomb College staff outside the classroom.

Map your own time

Though other students and caring staff are always on hand, you can find plenty of time and space for solitude and private relaxation at Rendcomb College.

Our residential accommodation is designed to give students dignity and privacy – especially the Senior House. Our extensive grounds also offer places for safe but quiet contemplation and relaxation.

Freedom from negative distractions

Many young people spend hours on social media or gaming out of boredom. They can also be tempted to engage in risk-taking behaviours to ‘fit in’.

At independent school, you don’t have to fit in as your individualism is celebrated. However, you do have a massive range of positive things to do with your friends, outside the classroom.

Safe exploration and experimentation

Young people are naturally curious and look for new challenges. Sadly, its why so many bored and under-supported teenagers get into trouble.

In independent schools, young people are provided with ample support to direct that curiosity – and ‘thrill-seeking’ – in the right direction.

For example, the offer help with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and other projects to stretch young people mentally and physically.